Noctilus EP "Forest Tales - season one" released on Parvati Records







Nocti Luca Downbeat track "Gonda" released on VA "Chillheadz"

by Purple Hexagon Records and Trimurti Records.







Nocti Luca Downbeat track "Hang Around In Eden" released by Street Ritual on VA "Global Glitch"







Nocti Luca track "Last Forest Standing" released on VA "Converting the Illusion" (Freaks in Love)







Noctilus joined Parvati Records with the track "Muskogee Crreek" on "Digital Masala III"







"Antithesis" released

A dance film and typeface by Yanone.

movie soundtrack composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Georg Bauer







In March of 2014 Georg Bauer graduated the "Audio Engineering Diploma" at the Audio Engineering Institute Berlin.

His final production "Climbing the Trees"  is marked as the best of his course by the institute.

Composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Georg Bauer.

Text, Melody & Vocals by Claudia Nehls







Noctilus track "Everglade Lifeforms" released on Compilation "Memetic Ideosphere", Purple Hexagon Records



"Noctilus - Everglade Lifeforms" was picked as the NUMBER ONE on "the trance"

cit.:" One word is all I need to describe this song: Perfection! Perfect harmony between cool, weird effect and bassline makes this track a killer on the dark/forest dancefloors. I just can’t seem to stop dancing when this is played."


Thanks to Revolve Magazine for this review of Purple Hexagon last compilation Memetic Ideosphere!!!

"Various Artists – ‘Memetic Ideosphere’ (Purple Hexagon Records)

Compiled by label manager Kikx, Purple Hexagon’s comps. have been around long enough now to have consolidated their place as purveyors of fine quality twilight to night- time psytrance. Fans of like-minded labels Looney Moon and Blacklite will find much delight from a sturdy line-up of familiar artists. Personal favourite Yudhisthtira opens with the smooth pulsing ‘Divine Rune’, a palette cleansing indication that this is serious-mind- ed hypnotic trance music. Samadhi & Decepto Visus take us deeper into the crystal kaleidoscope on ‘Emirald Conductor’ (sic). The compilation moves subtly into weirder, more twisted territory with each track as the synths get stranger, the beat more insistent, until Noctilus brings us to the edge of the forest on ‘Everglade Lifeforms’, a rolling beast populated by chirping, croaking fractal entities that wouldn’t be out of place on a Parvati release. Harmonic Rebel and Insane Creatures draw the comp to a close with harder, crunchier numbers. An unassuming coherent collection of competent synth-led, no fuss psytrance. Quality release!
Bez23 (Peak Records)"






Noctilus is the winner of the Parvati Records Remix Contest







Mix & Mastering  "Die endgültige PARTEI - Hymne" 







Sound Design, Composing, Producing, Mix & Mastering


A 3D dance film and typeface by Yanone.

The music in the first and third part of the trailer is already a preview of the original score being composed and produced by Georg Bauer for the film.

Currently, the project is in the phase of crowd funding. Nature scenes were shot in Darß/Germany, club scenes at the MehrBass/MehrSpaß Trance party in Weimar. Dance improvisation with Johanna shot at the Labor of Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau.






Release of the Nocti Luca EP "Energy of Rotation" at Purple Hexagon Records







Nocti Luca is 3rd winner of the Mushroom Magazin Producer Contest





2003 - 2005

After visiting a music High School, Georg Bauer was studying Music (bassguitare/doublebass) in Rostock, Northern Germany ("Hochschule für Musik und Theater").