Noctilus Music


“Noctilus” is a "Forest Trance" project with wich he creates a style that is serving groovy moving basslines and a soundworld on top, that seems to be taken directly out of a forest. Frogs, birds, any kind of creatures talking to you and to each other, jumping around in mystical atmospheres, driven by twisting elements... Playing around 148-152 bpm, creating dark, serious and deep moments, but always keeping a friendly attitude, Noctilus is making you spin and smile on the dancefloor...

In 2013 Noctilus released a track on the Amaya Productions compilation "The Legend of Amaya", was winner of the Parvati Records Remix Contest an released a track as part of the Purple Hexagon Records compilation "Memetic Ideosphere".

November 2014 the track "Muskogee Creek" was released on the various artists EP "Digital Masala III". With this track Noctilus joind Parvati Records.

currently working on an EP wich is gonna be released on Parvati Records...


60 minutes liveset available!!   -> book



Noctilus Live @ Tundra Festival ´14