Nocti Luca Music

We have done a lot! 

We have gained collective consciousness, come up with enormous scientific perceptions, explored the universe and are about to know its essence...

We are in a phase of transition to a new age, to a world of peace and higher consciousness...     

But first we have to give up all the old games and attitudes to ascend truly to a new cycle!

It’s time to remember!

We should find the path back to our origins and embrace a life in tune and together with Mother Nature.

She is our teacher, our life-giving home, our garden, our beholder.

We should regain connection with Mother Earth, take her gift of love with awareness and give her back the same!

We should reconnect with our forefathers, our companions, our guards!
They will guide us! 
If we truly use our full potential and our vast scientific knowledge to work together with Nature on the next level, very soon we will have overcome all of our current problems!

The intention of Nocti Luca music is to combine almost forgotten legacies with current aspects of our life while infusing energy into this process.



Nocti Luca - Last Forest Standing   ...on "Freaks in Love" VA "Converting the Illusion" (dec´14)


EP "Energy of Rotation" (2012)







EP "Tribal Atmospheres" (2011)