About Georg Bauer

Georg Bauer grew up and fell in love with music in Northern Germany.
Born in an artist family, he early came into contact with music, attended a music high school, where he was teached in playing piano, music theory and music history. Beside he was playing bass guitar in several bands.

So, after studying music (bass guitar-jazz / doublebass-classic) in Rostock, northern Germany, he started to produce electronic dance music, specially kinds of Psy Trance and Downbeat in 2005.

In March of 2014 he graduated the "Audio Engineering Diploma" at the Audio Engineering Institute Berlin.

Now he
is living in Berlin, Germany and runs his two psy trance projects "Nocti Luca" and "Noctilus" successfully, but is able to produce any common style of electronic music.

The dance film "Antithesis" was his first but not last successful step in composing and producing a movie soundtrack.

Feel free to contact Georg Bauer if you are looking for sound design and music for your movie, video game, advertising spot or whatever...
He is able to adapt to any concept.